A Better Earth adds Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment

Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. specializes in environmental remediation, waste-water and wash-water process equipment along with pressure & vacuum systems, customized controls and web based telemetry packages. MAE2 has been in business since 1991, providing quality equipment and engineering solutions to industry and consultants.

MAE2′s service is unsurpassed in the industry. Services normally included with our equipment are: systems design assistance, complete and professional design documentation, electrical and mechanical expertise. Most importantly, MAE2 provides local, on site support for start up, training, trouble shooting and maintenance issues.

Precision Quick-Change Orifice Plate Wellhead

QED’s new Quick-Change Orifice Plate Wellhead combines easy plate exchanges for accurate flow measurements with precise adjustment control over a broad flow range.

The Quick-Change Orifice Plate feature makes it as easy as 1-2-3 for the operator to change to the most appropriate size plate for the given conditions. Achieving a pressure drop of 0.5-5 inches of water column is essential to generate stable flow readings with the best resolution. The see-through window allows for easy confirmation of plate size and placement giving you the highest confidence in your flow reading.

Quick-Change Orifice Plate Advantages:
▼ Easy-to-change plates are visible in wellhead
▼ Achieve the appropriate pressure drop for stable flow readings
▼ Fine-tuned adjustment over entire range of control valve movement

Learn more about the Quick-Change Orifice Plate Wellhead

AP4 High Viscosity AutoPump

QED Introduces an AutoPump for High Viscosity Fluids- The AP4 High Viscosity AutoPump is designed to provide the best alternative in an AutoPump to pump thick, viscous fluids. This pump is designed to pump viscous fluids up to 7,000 cSt and is capable of up to 7 gpm flow rates. Contact A Better Earth, Inc for assistance on your pumping needs.

Rayox® UV Technologies

Calgon Carbon’s Rayox® UV Technologies offer advanced oxidation and disinfection through the implementation of medium pressure hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light and. Rayox® technology is capable of handling a wide variety of common groundwater contaminants. More infomation can be found here.

Remediation for MGP Plants

This remediation treatment system has an Ontario M.O.E. Mobile Certificate of Approval, which covers 30 contaminants. This treatment system is designed to draw water from wells or open water using a centrifugal pump. It is capable of handling water with hydrocarbons. This includes water contaminated with hydrocarbons such as gasoline, toluene, furnace oil, diesel oil. Other parameters included are chlorinated hydrocarbons such as chlorobenzene, dichloroethylene and MTBE and more. The water is pumped into bag filters, liquid phase carbon and if necessary, activated alumina for lead treatment. More information and specifications here.

QED High Capacity Process Air Strippers

New, larger models of EZ-Tray air strippers increase the flow rate capability of the company’s air stripper lineup fourfold, from a maximum 1-250 GPM (4-100 LPM) to 1-1,000 GPM (4-3,784 LPM). Combined with the easier maintenance and smaller footprint of QED’s sliding tray air strippers, this has led to their becoming the preferred choice for major remediation and process stream projects in the US and abroad. These air strippers are engineered to serve in larger, process-type projects involving multiple treatment stages, where they are an effective component of large-scale water or wastewater processes in manufacturing, refining, chemical processing and other industries. They can act as a pre-treatment stage for other process elements, such as large aerobic biotreatment units, removing VOCs at much lower airflow rates to reduce the costs of off-gas treatment. Contact A Better Earth, Inc for your air stripping needs.