QED High Capacity Process Air Strippers

New, larger models of EZ-Tray air strippers increase the flow rate capability of the company’s air stripper lineup fourfold, from a maximum 1-250 GPM (4-100 LPM) to 1-1,000 GPM (4-3,784 LPM). Combined with the easier maintenance and smaller footprint of QED’s sliding tray air strippers, this has led to their becoming the preferred choice for major remediation and process stream projects in the US and abroad. These air strippers are engineered to serve in larger, process-type projects involving multiple treatment stages, where they are an effective component of large-scale water or wastewater processes in manufacturing, refining, chemical processing and other industries. They can act as a pre-treatment stage for other process elements, such as large aerobic biotreatment units, removing VOCs at much lower airflow rates to reduce the costs of off-gas treatment. Contact A Better Earth, Inc for your air stripping needs.

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