A Better Earth, Inc

Bill Reetz purchased A Better Earth, Inc in 2007 after working for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Bill has over 12 years of experience of project management with petroleum remediation sites, concentrating on contaminated source area reduction, and municipality water treatment systems for BTEX, MtBE, and EDB removal. Bill has co-presented numerous NGWA short courses on Public Water Treatment Technologies for MtBE using air stripping and activated carbon. In addition Bill assisted on a document titled Treatment Technologies for Removal of MtBE from Drinking Water by the California MtBE Research Partnership. Bill has been active on an ASTM committee that is developing a document titled Standard Guide for Remedial Performance Measurement and System Optimization.

Contact Bill Reetz today for assistance in the decision process of selecting equipment that is the most efficient in remediating your site. Bill provides a full range of service from initial design and planning to installation and deployment.

Now serving Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Iowa and Eastern Nebraska for all listed vendors and Oklahoma and Texas for Matrix Oxygen Injection Systems only.

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